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Image, Audio, Video Processing, Analysis and Applications - 3D Image Processing and Scene Analysis - Multi view Data Integration - 3D Computer Vision Systems and Applications - Image Based Human Computer Interaction - Biomedical Signal Processing and Analysis, Computer-Aided Diagnosis - Biomedical Applications in Molecular, Structural, and Function Imaging-Speech , gesture and motion recognition -Computer Tomography - Signal Filtering, Detection and Estimation - Statistical Signal Processing and Modeling - Signal Reconstruction - Wavelets and filter banks - Signal processing for Information forensics - VLSI implementation of signal processing systems, Distributed and robust signal processing, Adaptive and intelligent signal processing.


Smart antenna, Sensor network, Cognitive Radio - Communications for disaster management - Image Processing - Microwave communications - Natural Language Processing - Optical Communications - Radio communications Satellite & space communications - G/4G network evolution - Algorithms Antennas - Applications of Computer Science - Array Processors - Adaptive Filtering techniques - Artificial Intelligence.


Advanced Power Semiconductors - Power Electronics and Applications - Power Electronics and Power Drives - Power Engineering Education - Power Market - Power Optimization - Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility - Power System and its Automation - Power System Reliability and Security - Power Systems Communication - Power Systems Deregulation - Predictive Process & Real-time control - Power Quality - Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Systems - Renewable Energy Systems.


Embedded Applications - Circuits & Systems - Computer Control Systems - Council on Electronic Design Automation. Embedded Computing - Circuits & Systems - Communications - Council on Electronic Design Automation.Embedded Intelligence - Aerospace & Electronics Systems - Engineering in Medicine & Biology.Embedded Memory Architectures - Embedded Systems - Emerging Memory Technologies - Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Fail-safe Systems - Phm System Design - System Architecture.