Dr Ashok Das

Entrepreneur in Renewable Energy

Rural Electrification and Cleantech Ecosystem

Research Publications


-Over 22 years of experience in semiconductor equipment and clean energy that includes solar PV, solar thermal, bio-energy, waste-to-energy, smart grids and energy efficiency. Several years of experience in working on rural micro-grids and understanding rural customer needs. Developing a novel and holistic technology-cum-business solution for rural electrification and socio-economic development. Consulting expertise includes technology & business solutions, market research, feasibility study, and advisory services to MSMEs. Consulted to several national and international organizations such as the World Bank, UK-DFID, KfW, ADB, SIDBI, CII-GBC, and USAID/CTI-PFAN.

- Very active in developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem for clean technologies across India. Founded & chairing the TiE Clean Tech Special Interest Group and established a vibrant clean tech ecosystem. Guide and mentor clean technologies entrepreneurs across the country. Also founding co-chair of IIT Mentors – a Pan IIT Global Mentorship Initiative.

-Worked for Applied Materials, Santa Clara, California, for ten years developing semiconductor processing equipment before moving to India to head the India Operations of a start-up Aquest Systems in semiconductor fab automation. Prior to Applied Materials, worked at MTCI on technologies to convert waste to clean energy.

Dr. Ashok Das