Valedictory Report

By Prof. D. K. Sahoo (Convener


Good afternoon to all of you. 

Respected dignitaries on and of the dais, Fellow colleagues, faculty and staff members, students, participants, delegates from different part of India and aboard, friends from press and media. I welcome you to the Valedictory Ceremony of SCOPES 2016. 

We at Centurion University of Technology & Management (CUTM) are at the end of three days’ International Conference from 3rd to 5th Oct. 2016 on Signal Processing, Communication, Power and Embedded System (SCOPES-2016) with technical co-sponsorship from IEEE Bhubaneswar sub-section. 


The conference covered the areas like Signal Processing, Power System, Communication System, Embedded System, Image Processing, Robotics, Soft Computing, Drives and IOT. 

The conference received a warm response from all quarters with registration of 429 papers for presentation. Out of this 335 papers were presented during these three days. 

12 eminent keynote speakers from various well-known Institutions from India and abroad addressed the gathering on the emerging areas. 

I thank all the eminent speakers Prof. Zainal Salam, Prof. P.K. Dash, Prof. Ganapati Panda, Prof. Sanjeeva Witharana, Prof. L.M Patnaik, Prof. Suresh Shanmugasundaram, Prof. V. N. Mani, Prof. Babita Majhi, Prof. C.N.Bhende, Prof, K. Chandrasekharan, Prof.Subir Sarkar, Prof. Radhakant Padhi, for spending a valuable time with us.

Session Outcomes:

Embedded Systems:

Total No. Papers Presented: 34

The session focused on advanced controller Designs, Complex Microcontroller Applications, and Fuzzy Controller Applications in Embedded electronics, Robotic Applications.


Communication System:

Total No. Papers Presented: 59

The session discussed the key concepts of Wireless Resource Allocation, Location Management, Ray Tracing technique, Indoor cellular models, Ad hoc networks, Antenna for cellular base stations.


Power Electronics:   

Total No. Papers Presented: 60

This session discussed elaborately the concepts of smart grid applications, semiconducting materials in system design, grid design.


Signal Processing:

Total No. Papers Presented: 29

This session focused on the key aspects of VANET, Filters in signal processing, CIPHERS, LMS applications in knowledge based processing. Image segmentation techniques, Image Resolution techniques, image compression techniques.


Soft Computing:

Total No. of Papers Presented: 36

This session focused on the concepts of knowledge based learning algorithms, LMS, Machine intelligence in robotic applications, Weight distribution algorithms.


Data Mining

Total no of paper presented: 11

The session focused on the advancement of data mining. Application in telecommunication, banking, and meteorology has been covered.


Image Processing:

Total no of paper presented: 30

The session discussed the key concepts of image processing like image enhancement, image segmentation and pattern recognition.



Total no of paper presented: 8

 The session focussed on electrical hybrid vehicle, optimisation of DLDC, torque repel problem of SRM, plug in electric vehicle, various MPPT technique.


I hope SCOPES 2016 has given us the platform for networking with researchers worldwide and building a professional relationship. 

I am sure this conference has given a useful learning platform for students, faculty and researchers. A lot of new ideas worth undertaking further research came to the notice of the participants.

I am thankful to IEEE Bhubaneswar Sub-section and PGC for their support. We look forward to similar cooperation in the future.

I am thankful to the management, Centurion University of Technology and Management, all Delegates, Session Chairs, Faculty members of CUTM, Student Volunteers, Transport team,  all Non-teaching staff, PGC Team, Press and Media. 

A special thanks to Dean SoET-Dr. Anita Patra, Deputy Registrar-Prof. Durga P Padhy, Prof. Prajna Pani, Prof. Sambeet Patro, Prof. Rashmi R Kar, Prof. Manoj Kar, Prof. Chandan K Giri , Prof. Kalyan Chakravarthy, Prof. Sandipan Pine, Prof. Dr. Manas Senapati, Dr. Satyasis Mishra, Prof. Pradeep K Mahapatro, Mr. Suman Kumar, Mr. Pramod K Panigrahi and entire organizing team.


Thank you.